Policy Proposals for a Sustainable Future

Here is a list of bills and policy proposals that are priorities of at least three of our member organizations.

Note: bill numbers are for the 2022 legislative session. Bills will receive new numbers when they are reintroduced in January of 2023. 


Bills awaiting the governor's signature


  1. Crypto Moratorium Bill (A.7389 Kelles / S.6486 Parker)

  2. Cumulative Impacts Permit Bill (A.2103 Pretlow / S.8830 Stewart-Cousins)

Budget Proposals


  1. Climate and Community Protection Fund

  2. Climate Change Superfund Act (A.10556 Dinowitz / S.9417 Krueger)

  3. Fossil Fuel Subsidies Elimination Act (A.8483 Cahill / S.7438 Krueger)

  4. IONY Package (investinourny.org)

Legislative Proposals


  1. All-Electric Building Act (A.8431b Gallagher / S.6483c Kavanaugh)

  2. Build Public Renewables Act (A.466 Caroll / S.6453 Parker)

  3. Climate Accountability Act 

  4. Energy Efficiency Equity and Jobs Act (A.399 Hunter / S.3126 Parker)

  5. Fossil Fuel Facilities Replacement and Redevelopment Blueprint Act

  6. Gas Transition and Affordability Act (A.9329 Fahy / S.8198 Krueger)

  7. Renewable Capitol Act (A.9341 McDonald / S.8221 Breslin)

  8. Teachers Fossil Fuel Divestment Act (A.6331 Kelles / S.4783 Brisport)    

Crypto Moratorium
signed into law
November 22