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Policy Proposals for a Sustainable Future

The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), passed in 2019, mandates an 85% economy-wide reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, and contains important provisions to help low-income communities and communities of color transition to a renewable energy economy on just terms.


Climate activists debate whether the CLCPA goes far enough, but its clear that New York's climate success will depend on aggressive action by the Governor and state agencies to achieve or exceed these goals. The bills and policy proposals below are priorities of at least three of our member organizations.

  1. Climate and Community Protection Fund (A6263 Glick S5360 Harckham)

  2. Climate Change Superfund Act (A3351 Dinowitz / S2129 Krueger)​

  3. Energy Efficiency Equity and Jobs Act (A2655 Hunter / S2469 Parker)

  4. Deforestation-Free Procurement Act (A5682 Zebrowski / S4859 Krueger)

  5. Fossil Fuel Facilities Replacement and Redevelopment Blueprint Act (S2935 Parker)

  6. NY Home Energy Affordable Transition Act (NY HEAT) (A4592 FahyS2016 Krueger)

  7. Renewable Capitol Act (A5633 FahyS2689 Breslin)

  8. Stop Climate Polluter Handouts Act  (S3389 Krueger

  9. Teachers Fossil Fuel Divestment Act (A1101 Kelles / S899 Brisport)    

    All-Electric New Building Act
    Build Public Renewables Act 

Victory!  These bills passed in the NYS budget
Defend NY's Climate Law


S6030 Parker / A6039 Barrett was introduced back in April. The bill, if passed will gut the Climate Act by weakening methane accounting and defining polluting biofuels as "renewable energy." Activists were able to kick this bill out of the  budget negotiations last April, but we are concerned that fossil fuel industry lobbyists will try to move the bill (or parts of it) at the end of session!  Below are links to some key documents to counter industry attempts to weaken our climate law. 

As leaders of over 75 New York organizations we urge the Governor and Legislature to include provisions establishing strong penalties for excessive greenhouse gas emissions and annual targets for emission reductions in the New York State budget.

Organizations representing thousands of New Yorkers are appalled at the last minute changes to New York's climate plan. These changes will undermine the ability of New York to meet our climate goals. Groups call on the council to reject industry delay tactics and false solutions.

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